Urban Community Forums in Ashford

Community Forums Map

On 20 March 2002 Ashford Borough Council’s Executive Committee agreed to establish community forums in the urban areas of Ashford. The aim being to give town centre residents a structure within which they could formally express their views and ideas on important issues, and take forward community projects benefiting their area.

There are five urban community forums :

Central Ashford


South Ashford

North Willesborough

Newtown and South Willesborough

Each has its own steering group/ trustees and holds public meetings open to individuals living and working within its geographic boundaries (see map). Whilst independent of Ashford Borough Council, each Forum is supported by a different council officer. Trustees (Committee Members) meet at most once per month but keep in touch between meetings by e mail in order to respond to the many planning applications in the area promptly. Public meetings are held occasionally.